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Sleepy Loco

Sleepy Loco

Sleepy Loco is an artist from Memphis, Tn with a worldwide vibe! This dynamic rapper continuously delivers music that resonates with the streets regardless of where you are from! His hustle is relentless! Running with his own label, Lifted Life Entertainment, this independent artist is making Sleepy Loco a household name. Not only does he put the music in your face by linking with local and nationwide DJs, but he also has a popular clothing line that has people lining up to rep the brand! Sleepy is undeniably on the route to be one of the biggest indie artists to blow out of Memphis. Don't be the one who hears about it later, get hip NOW and check out his music, videos, vlogs, and more with the links below!

No Deal Official Music Video

@OGSleepyLoco on Instagram

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